Activate MAG 250 Remote control feature with USB keyboard

If you lost mag 250 remote control or it is unaccessible you can activate Remote control feature in MAG 250 box and other set-top boxes with USB keyboard.

mag 250 remote control

  1. Connect USB keyboard into the front USB port of MAG 250 box
  2. Power on the MAG box
  3. During loading… press and hold F9 button on the keyboard till System settings screen appears
  4. Use arrow buttons in order to move to the bottom and find Remote control option
  5. Activate the feature set Name and Password (only digits)
  6. Run MAG250 Remote app in your smartphone and open Settings window
  7. Enable Wi-Fi mode and the app will start to discover the MAG box
  8. When the MAG box will be discovered, select it and set the same Password
  9. It’s done!

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