IPTV Emulator StbEmu

IPTV Emulator StbEmuIPTV Emulator StbEmu Pro application emulates MAG 25x set-top box. It allows users to open web portals, designed to run on IPTV STBs to watch internet TV.

StbEmu Pro has Remote control feature and it is compatible with MAG 250 Remote app. You need to configure this feature in StbEmu Pro. Read below how to do it:

Connect a device with running StbEmu Pro app to the same Wi-Fi network as for smartphone with MAG 250 Remote app

Open Common settings in the StbEmu Pro

IPTV Emulator StbEmu Pro Settings

Find Remote control settings option

StbEmu Pro Remote control

Set Name and Password

StbEmu Pro Remote control Password

Save it

Run MAG250 Remote app in your smartphone and open Settings window

Enable Wi-Fi mode and the app will start to discover the MAG box

When the MAG box will be discovered, select it and set the same Password

It’s done!


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